6 Responses to Episode #31067 – He Gone Learn Today!!!

  1. Anonymous

    You know what they say: “you thought you were Billy Badass until you ran into Billy Badass.” Calling a bunch of obviously frightened women all types of bitches & motherfuckers made him feel tough. I love street justice like this.

    The cherry on top was that he was forewarned! Before that man socked him you can hear him say, “I promise you… if you put your hands on me, I’m gonna beat you up.” Not one hand of his chest, but two. I bet he won’t try this again.

  2. ADX

    I saw this clip on “Desus and Mero” on Viceland TV. If you’ve never seen their show, you’re missing some funny shit.

    Check your listings and watch ’em; you’ll thank me for it…

    • Lemon

      Love Desus & Mero! Sadly, no sooner than I downgraded my Comcrap cable package, Viceland was discontinued on the tier I went to & remained on the tier I just downgraded from 🙁

      Back to the topic, I hope the puncher, the stepper & the taser, don’t lose their jobs because of that azzhole playing the fool!

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